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Helping you get the tax credits you deserve


You or someone you know may have recently applied for the Disability Tax Credit but have been denied. Often individuals and their doctors are confused when trying to determine why exactly they have been deemed ineligible for this tax credit. In fact the Canada Revenue Agency is notorious for sending out confusing correspondence and the letter that is generated when someone is denied for the Disability Tax Credit is no exception.

With over a decade of experience in reviewing CRA correspondence and DTC applications our team has become incredibly adept at interpreting what the reason for the denial is and whether or not a case can be appealed. Coral Hetherington has in her career achieved an appeals approval rating of over 90% and we would love the opportunity to assess your situation and put our skills and expertise to work for you.

There are numerous factors that can affect whether or not an application for the Disability Tax Credit will be denied, in fact we’ve written a number of blog posts regarding some of these reasons. Here is a brief summary of some common issues that occur:

  • Not enough information was provided by your doctor

  • Your doctor failed to complete a mandatory section of the application

  • Your doctor provided examples of your impairments in regards to work/academics

  • Your doctor did not complete the clarification response questionnaire

  • Etc.

As you can see there are a number of factors that can sabotage an application for an otherwise eligible individual. We recommend that anyone applying for this tax credit ensure that they keep a copy of the application form, as well as any medical documentation your doctor included (if they chose to include medical records), and if at all possible a copy the clarification response questionnaire that many doctors receive as a follow up to the application form. Having these documents available for review will give you the best chance at successfully appealing a denial for the DTC.

If your application for the Disability Tax Credit has been denied in the last 90 days please contact our experts to discuss the potential to appeal that decision which could save you the hassle of having to start over from scratch!

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