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A credit for caregivers


Did you know that there is a Manitoba specific tax credit that was designed to help offset some of the costs associated with the unpaid assistance that many people provide to family members, neighbors or friends that help them remain out of institutions? I am pleased to inform you that there is, and it’s called the Manitoba Primary Caregiver tax credit.

If someone you know already receives home care (level 2) and you provide them with regular assistance for which you are not paid then you likely already qualify! If the person you help does not receive home care then a medical professional who is familiar with the individual who requires assistance may complete an additional form to accompany the application.

This credit was established in 2009 and was originally designed to be retroactive up to three years and allow an individual to claim up to 3 care recipients, however this program was amended by the Manitoba 2017 Budget. In it’s current state this tax credit is capped at $1400 per year and it is unfortunately no longer possible to claim this credit retroactively prior to 2017.

If you think that you or someone you know may qualify for this tax credit we can help you determine if it’s worth pursuing, as well as ensure that this credit is claimed properly.

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