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Gus the Wrong-Way Goose: Heading South

Written by our own Coral Hetherington, Gus the Wrong-Way Goose Heading South is a best selling, wonderfully illustrated children's story that successfully combines two very dissimilar subjects: dyslexia and the migration habits of Canada Geese. 

Coral conceived the story back in 1994, inspired by her youngest son and his struggle with dyslexia and his ability to "find his own way". She had always envisioned that her oldest son, Eric, would illustrate it for her.

Dyslexics often have problems with direction. Not knowing left and right gives them problems with b’s an d’s, p’s and q’s, tying shoe laces, knowing which way to turn and a myriad of other problems they have to face each day. For Gus the Wrong -Way Goose he too faces the problem of “being different”, the confusion about left and right and the sting of being ridiculed. 

If you would like to own a copy of "Gus the Wrong-Way Goose" please use the order form below. Each copy is $10.00 CDN and shipping is included in the price.


-Victoria Pennell, Editor
Resource Links Magazine

"The story is well written with a strong storyline. Coral describes Gus' emotions of embarrassment, despair, fear, pride and happiness with empathy and understanding."

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