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Meet The Team

Coral Hetherington

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Coral Hetherington is a Disability Tax Credit  Advisor with over a decade of experience in helping people successfully apply for the disability credits and benefits they deserve. 

With a 96% overall success rate on disability and caregiver claims and appeals she is relentless in advocating for her clients. The key to her success is her knowledge of the tax credit program, her understanding and compassion for her clients’ situation and her tenacity.

Earlier in her career she was a Media Specialist for Management Committee of Cabinet, Prov. of MB, a Television Instructor, at Red River College and a freelance writer/producer. She is particularly proud of three video documentaries that focused on the socio/economical and health consequences to five Northern Manitoba Communities following the flooding caused by the Churchill River diversion. She is the author of Gus the Wrong Way Goose, a top selling children’s book. Coral is currently serving her second 2 year term on the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada's Aging in Place National committee.

Coral is a member of Quality Senior Services, a network of various businesses that offer services or products designed to benefit and assist seniors.

Brad Hodson

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Brad Hodson has always had a strong urge to help people, which is why he became a Disability Tax Credit Advisor.

Working with Coral Hetherington for over 3 years he specializes in assisting individuals and families through the application process for Canadian disability and caregiver credits and benefits. 

Brad obtained his bachelor's degree in 2014, focusing his studies on Psychology and Sociology in particular. His education has aided him in his work in that he is acutely aware of the personal and social effects that disability can have on one’s life, believing that everyone should be treated with empathy and compassion. Brad is currently training in tax preparation in order to broaden the scope of how he can assist his clients. 

Brad has spent the better part of a decade providing the highest level of customer service in both retail and administrative environments, developing a reputation for being both exuberant and capable. He firmly believes that a positive attitude can make all the difference when interacting with others


Brad is also a proud member of Quality Senior Services, a network of businesses that work together to provide seniors in our community with the products and services they need. 

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